Anel van Heerden

Senior Physiotherapist

Anel van Heerden – Senior Physiotherapist

Anel is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Certified Pilates Instructor. She graduated from Stellenbosch University in her native South Africa with a Bsc Honours degree. 

She has always participated in sport and this led her to a passion for being a physiotherapist,  being able to help people achieve their goals and getting them back to their highest functional level.

She also has a passion for Pilates and exercise rehabilitation. Anel completed a post graduate Sport Physiotherapy certificate in 2019 and since has worked with the Stellenbosch Cross country team and Rugby club in South Africa.

Her main goal is to treat the patient and to determine the cause of injury and not just treat the symptoms. Getting the person back to their highest functional level and return to their goals is what she aim’s to do. 

In her free time Anel enjoys taking  walks, dancing and reading. She likes cooking and is always trying something new. Outside the office you will find her in a nice café or coffeeshop. 

Senior Physiotherapist

Anel Specialises in: .ACL Injury Rehabilitation,Knee, Ankle and Lower Limb Injury Rehabilitation, Spinal (Neck and Back) Injuries

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