Nick Hogan

S&C Coach

Nick Hogan – S&C Coach

Nick is Peak Physio’s head of strength and conditioning, providing gym based private and small group training sessions to Peak Physio clients, and running the Stronger Athlete program.

A former international track athlete, Nick is multiple national champion over 400m and has represented Ireland at European and World Championship level.

Nick has worked as a private strength and conditioning coach for the last 5 years, specialising in all aspects of running and sports performance, with a keen interest in youth development. He draws on his knowledge, experienced training and competing internationally in his approach to working with his clients, from goal setting to performance based training.

He has also worked extensively in corporate wellness and on a consultancy basis with a number of sports clubs and academies.

Always keen to expand his knowledge and expertise, he is soon starting a masters in strength and conditioning.

Nick can be contacted at for further information.

S&C Coach

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