Sean Flanagan

Senior Physiotherapist

Sean Flanagan –  Senior Physiotherapist

Sean is a chartered physiotherapist and graduated from Trinity College Dublin with an honours
degree in 2020. Sean knew he wanted to become a physiotherapist from a young age, having
visited the physio himself as a keen runner in his teens.
Sean understands first-hand how frustrating injuries can be for people, taking you away from the
things you love to do, even activities that we consider a part of our identities. Since graduating
in 2020 he has been working in private practice with people of all ages and activity levels. He
has experience in treating a wide range of pain issues and musculoskeletal injuries. He will work
with you to help you reach your specific goals whether that be getting right for your next sports
competition or making a long-term change to your chronic pain issue.
Sean is passionate about treating the individual, not just their specific pain or pathology. You
can expect him to give you practical and honest advice. He focuses on an active, evidence-
based approach, working with people to get them back doing what they love to do. He is
especially interested in the complex nature of pain and is dedicated to helping people take back
control over their pain and lives. He strives to empower people and provide them with the
necessary tools so that they can help themselves.
Sean is also interested in all things sports performance. In his free time loves to be in the gym
or outdoors in nature.

Senior Physiotherapist

Sean Specialises in: .ACL Injury Rehabilitation,Knee, Ankle and Lower Limb Injury Rehabilitation, Spinal (Neck and Back) Injuries

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