Running Analysis

This service has proved very successful in returning injured athlete’s back to running. We will video your running technique using 2 dimensional video motion technology to analyse your running pattern. This will allow us to pick up any flaws that may be causing injuries or lead to injuries in the future.

Poor technique will lead to overusing and injuring muscles, decreased energy efficiency, decreased performance and ultimately leading to slower times.

How we achieve this:

  • A physical assessment of your mobility, flexibility and strength.
  • 2 dimensional video analysis of running gait on a treadmill which we can dissect using our high precision slow-motion video analysis software.

Armed with this information we can adapt your running style (where necessary) using specific coaching cues which will help to improve running performance and reduce the risk of running-related injuries.

This programme is essential for runners with pain related to the

Or those looking to improve overall running performance.

Any biomechanical deficits highlighted during the assessment will be addressed with specific rehabilitation exercises to enable you to be robust and ready to run.

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  • Running Analysis

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