Ante & Postnatal Pilates

Ante & Post Natal Pilates

Many women wonder if it is safe to exercise during and after pregnancy. Exercise has been shown to be beneficial during this time for many reasons.

Many changes occur within the body during and after pregnancy. It is important to exercise at the right level for you in order to cope with these changes.

Our classes will guide you through specific exercise progressions to help you achieve your desired goals, taking into account your unique situation. We keep class numbers small so that each person can be closely monitored and exercises can be modified to suit each individual. 


Antenatal Pilates

This is an exciting time exercise is beneficial to help you maintain strength and flexibility as your body is changing throughout each stage of your pregnancy. In the Antenatal pilates classes we focus on your specific needs to prepare you for giving birth. Exercises are targeting your hip, back, shoulders and pelvic floor and improving your flexibility and balance as your baby grows

Benefits of Pilates in Pregnancy

  • Improve and maintain pelvic floor strength 
  • Prevents and reduces pain associated with Pelvic Girdle and Low Back pain
  • Improves posture and postural awareness
  • Improve and maintain flexibility 
  • Increases movement efficiency, circulation and energy levels 

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Postnatal Pilates  

Exercise is an important factor in assisting  with your recovery postnatally.

We welcome babies in our online postnatal classes, so don’t be afraid to have the little ones on the mat beside you.

Benefits Postnatally 

  • Hasten recovery after birth with gradual progression through exercises
  • Improve pelvic floor muscle integrity and prevent incontinence 
  • Increase upper and lower body strength 
  • Restore deep abdominal muscles
  • Increase fitness levels 
  • Improves psychological well-being 

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