Privacy Statement

1. How do we collect Personal Data from our website visitors?
We collect personal data from our Contact form's and Google Analytics

2. What do we use this data for?
We ask for your name, email address, physical address and contact number so that we can provide you with a legal invoice. We request your name and email address for our newsletter signup so that we can send you the newsletter and personalise it with your name. We ask for your name, email and a contact number on our contact form so that we can communicate with you quickly.

3. Cookies
Cookies are used to monitor website traffic and enhance your experience of our website. Cookies are pieces of data which your computer, mobile or tablet device downloads when you visit a website. Cookies are used to keep track of your preferences and to recognise return visitors. We use these cookies in our google analytics in order to track the performance of our website

4. How long do we keep this data?
We keep personal data, medical records and appointment details – name, address, email, phone, appointment date, medical notes – for 7 years to comply with revenue purposes and for medicolegal purposes.

5. Who do we share this data with?
We share information with our newsletter provider, our payment processor, our web-host. These providers are hired by us to provide services and are not allowed to use your personal data as they are also bound to data protection requirements.

If you want to understand more about their data privacy policies see this link- WriteUpp, Mailchimp, Stripe, Google

6. Is your data secure?
Your personal data is secured using the most up to date and modern technology. Bear in mind that no system is fool proof. If there's ever a breach, and we hope that never happens – you'll be notified by us in 72 hours.

7. Does your date leave the EU?
We use Mailchimp as our newsletter provider. Mailchimp is compliant with GDPR, they have no European servers, the personal data collected for your Mailchimp newsletter will leave the EU.

8. Marketing
We send emails to people with regard to our newsletters and class updates via Mailchimp. You have the right to 'opt out' of these emails at any point.

9. Minors
Minors (under 16 years old) need parental consent before the can submit any contact form or sign up to our newsletter.

10. Your rights under GDPR
You have the right to retrieve a copy of your personal data in machine readable format
You have the right to transfer your data to another provider
You have the right to request the removal of your data ("right to be forgotten")
You have the right to request a restriction from processing your data
You have the right to withdraw your consent to our use of your personal information at any time
You have the right to have your request dealt in 30 days of receipt
If you wish to exercise your rights please send details of your request or by post to: Shauna Watters, Peak Physio, Gym Plus, The Oval,Shelbourne Rd, Ballsbridge, D4.
In case of a dispute you have the right to contact the DataProtection Authority, please see:

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