Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical Assessment

Our Biomechanical assessment is carried out to determine how your body moves in terms of strength, movement control, and flexibility. This assessment allows us to find the factors that caused your injury in the 1st place. It will also give us the foundation to how we can improve your performance.

From the results we will have the detailed information we need to design your individual rehab and performance programme needed to reach your specific goals.
The assessment includes a number of physical tests and measures along with a detailed video analysis.

We will look at the way your body moves to identify any weakness, lack of mobility and muscle imbalance. These factors can lead to your injury or a reduced athletic performance.
The Biomechanical assessment will be personally tailored to you, we will take into account your diagnosis, ability and most importantly your individualised goals.

At the end of the assessment you will be given a copy of the report with an explanation of any findings as well as a summary of the important things to work on. From the information gathered in the assessment we will be able to develop a customised rehabilitation and performance programme based on your results. This will help improve your strength, muscle balance, stability and mobility , it will aid in preventing re-injury and lead to an improved performance.

The assessment takes 90minutes to complete. We will be taking you through a battery of tests specific to your injury or area of weakness. This will allow us to determine your strength, stability and flexibility.

From our findings we will be able to design a specific individualised programme.

We will also send you on a detailed report.

The reason behind carrying out our Biomechanical assessment is the fact the body’s ability to tolerate the demands we place on it determines our risk of injury. If we cannot move well, then loading a dysfunctional movement pattern is most certainly going to incur a problem. Loading implies both training volume and intensity.

We all have different abilities, different strengths, limitations and weaknesses, so how can this one size fits all approach work? The reality is, it can’t. Starting off on a tailored programme following a thorough assessment will provide us with the tools we need to address your individual weaknesses, thus creating a solid, stable base from which to progress to and withstand a more loaded regime.

  • Are you returning to exercise?
  • Looking for that extra 10% in sporting performance?
  • Returning to sport?
  • Getting back into exercising?
  • Complaining of ongoing niggles which just “won’t go away”?

We use a battery of movement, mobility and strength tests to identify your muscle weakness, flexibility limitations and body’s asymmetries. These tests will show where your weaknesses and imbalances are. Highlighting functional deficits and addressing them can reduce the risk of injury and improve your body performance capability.

This assessment in combination with other assessment tools that we use in clinic will highlight any functional deficits you may have in terms of strength, control, flexibility or mobility.

From our findings we can tailor an individualised programme. This can reduce the risk of injury and improve your ability to perform to your potential.

We will send your programme through to your smartphone or tablet so you can easily access it. This will make it easier for you to refer back to when carrying out your programme.

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  • Generic programmes
  • Poor exercise technique
  • Re-occurring injuries
  • Poor performance

Our service is available to everyone regardless of age and activity levels and is suitable for those involved in recreational to higher level sports.

  • Biomechanical Assessment- 45min

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