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Are Your Bum(Gluts) Muscles Important In Cycling?


This is a must read for all you avid cyclists!

Having previously talked about the importance of the gluteal (bum) muscles. Now I’m going to look at this from the aspect of cycling, during the initial phase of cycling (12-4 o’clock) the glutes were an important muscle group for generating power, and by improving one’s ability to deliberately activate these muscles and improve their strength/power, one could reduce quadriceps (thigh) fatigue and improve cycling power output and performance.  Frustratingly having looked extensively over the past week for some body of QUALITY research that would back up these ideas, I have found it a fruitless task.

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EoinAre Your Bum(Gluts) Muscles Important In Cycling?

Cycling Do’s and Don’ts

More and more of us nowadays are braving the Dublin roads and donning our cycling gear as a way of commuting as well as a recreational activity. In this month’s blog we want to look at some Do’s and Don’ts of cycling.

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EoinCycling Do’s and Don’ts