Yoga at Peak Physio is taught by a  Chartered Physiotherapist and is suitable for everyone wanting to explore the benefits of Yoga in a safe environment.

Class covers a variety of poses and techniques which will facilitate postural education, correct movement patterns, body/breathing awareness as well as helping clients find alignment in their bodies.

Yoga explores the power of the mind-body connection that provides a holistic approach to any rehabilitation program.

This practice can be used preventatively to increase self-awareness as well as rehabilitation of the body and stress reduction for the mind. It is a potent complement to any client program.

The benefits of Yoga;

Yoga supports the body’s natural tendency towards health and healing

• Increases flexibility of muscle, joint and nervous system
• Increases muscle strength and tone
• Improves balance, respiration, energy and vitality
• Improves focus & stress management
• Improves coping with pain management

This class aims to introduce a clinical approach to Yoga exercises offering any student a sequence of poses that can have a therapeutic impact and focus on precision to yield the greatest results without pushing students beyond their readiness.

If you are new to yoga or if you would like to be assessed prior to joining a class we highly recommend this. This allows you to meet with the physiotherapist prior commencing the class so you both know the areas of focus or what you would like to target. This will enable the physiotherapist to suggest modifications most appropriate for you.

If you rather work one-to-one you may also choose to continue exercising this way directly with a physiotherapist as a part of our physio guided rehab bundle.

How classes are run

Classes are run with a maximum of 8 people per class, which allows for optimal engagement between the instructor and each participant.

Our classes last 45 minutes.

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